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Player wages
09 June 2016 09:25 Post ID: #19889
Statue outside the ground
Somebody allegedly 'in the know' on Fansonline is claiming Danny Kedwell was on 4.3k a week, with other seniors on a similar wage. Surely bollocks?

I can't see Mr Scally paying anything like that to anyone except Messi. Discuss.
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09 June 2016 10:30 Post ID: #19890 - in reply to #19889
It wouldn't surprise me if he was on that when he left. He was captain of the club and was our main striker with Cody. I think he had been our top goalscorer the previous year. He was a fairly well established League player at that point. Some of the top players at the top of league 1, playing for Sheff Utd, Millwall and the like are earning +10k. Wigan players will probably be on more than that as they will have been signed on Championship wages with Premier League Parachute Payment money.

I also think Loft will have been on similar. He was signed from Port Vale who were close to the league 1 playoffs at that time, and was their captain, and they wanted to keep him. So i'd imagine he was on similar. Hence why JED got rid of him this year and explained he simply wasn't value for money. JED probably thinks he can get 2 x slightly younger players on 2k a week for the same wage he's paying Loft and i'd be inclined to agree. Although of course finding these players is not quite as simply as that. I wasn't too sad or surprised when he wasn't offered a new deal.
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09 June 2016 11:24 Post ID: #19891 - in reply to #19890
First-team novice
I think 4.3k is rather unlikely.

That equates to 223k annually, which is approximately what Scally pays himself (can't be arsed to look up the latest accounts to confirm).

I may be picking this out of the air, but I remember reading somewhere that our annual wage budget was £1.2m (anyone read the accounts lately?), which would mean an average salary of 60k based on 20 players in the squad.

If that's correct (feel free to look it up), then there's no way we'd spunk 1/6 of the budget on one player.
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09 June 2016 11:31 Post ID: #19892 - in reply to #19889
In the stands
4.3k! I just don't see it.
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09 June 2016 12:34 Post ID: #19893 - in reply to #19891
Now I am not an accountant, so excuse me if the following is wrong, but this is how I see it:

In the 2014 accounts (Year Ending May 2014) the accounts show the Wages and Salaries were £2,981,453. Then there's also social security costs of £311k. I'm assuming this means NI and/or Taxes? I would include any NI within a figure for wages, as most players will no doubt release their 'before tax' figure, as most of us do when we consider our 'salary' it's a total of about £3,300,000 for wages in this period.

I am pretty sure this doesn't include Scally's fee or any other directors remuneration, and as such I would expect the playing costs to take up much of this. Minus maybe a commercial manager, 1 or two full time ticket office staff/shop staff, and match day staff (bearing in mind Compass must have paid for the catering staff too). As such, from a point of view that I don't know at all how football clubs are run, i'd be very surprised if it was more than 400k-500k for non-playing staff? Even then I think that's fairly generous.

So you're looking at between £2.6-£2.7m for players wages. In the same period we had 24 players.

Doing a very basic average, if everybody was earning the same, then that's 2.1k a week.

Of course though many younger players will be on hundreds of quid a week, and back up players like Morris will be on only 1k....i can well see that the key members of the first team squad would be on double the 'mean average'.

So actually 4.3k doesn't seem unreasonable for a key member of the first team squad at all.

Of course it's a matter of opinion as to whether Kedwell should have been considered a key member of the first team. A lot of people saw him as a penalty scoring (slightly) richer man's gary mulligan, and many would have been happy for us to replace him, but that's by the bye.

If Scally and Taylor deemed him to be a key first teamer, then 4.3k is not out of the realms of possibilities at all. In fact I think i'd expect that to be the approximate wage of our 5/6 top players.

Edited by alphabet_king 9/6/2016 12:46
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